Electric energy saving

Gordon Hillson

02 August 2021

How do you prevent yourself getting tired down the stretch with a full bag in the hot summer sun? Investing in an electric trolley will take the weight off your shoulders and let you focus on your golf through 18 holes.

Motocaddy M5 GPS electric trolley
Motocaddy M5 GPS electric trolley

Motocaddy’s electric trolleys give you so much out on the course - from easy-to-read GPS readings to tap-and-go convenience - that golf has never been easier or more enjoyable. And, becoming even more convenient, the flagship M5 GPS model will be back in stock with us next week.

There is an exciting new update on the M5 GPS...

Joel Tadman | Foremost TV

Speaking of which, let’s take a deeper dive into the M5 GPS. The 3.5” crystal-clear touchscreen shows you cutting-edge GPS readings; even displaying the shape of the green on every hole and letting you drag & drop the pin position to mirror what you're faced with on the day. Other nifty features include a defibrillator locator & CPR instructions, smartphone notifications (which you can turn on or off) and control over speed & distance.

Touchscreen with GPS readings
Touchscreen with GPS readings

You can experience all this for yourself when stock returns next week, so why not speak to us via the button below and make sure we've got yours on ice?

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